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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: 7 Inspiring Ways Black Women Can Help People


October is the “pink” month. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which many people mark worldwide. World Health Organization (WHO) noted that about 500,000 women die annually from breast cancer. 

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Thus, organizations focusing on breast cancer use this month to aggressively educate the public on the need for early detection and the symptoms.

According to the National Library of Science statistics on breast cancer, the death rate among black women between 2016 to 2020 was 40%. It further noted that black women have a low survival percentage after five years. This means breast cancer kills more black women than white women, as documented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in a United States survey.

As a black woman, you may have been affected by this ailment. Or you have lost a loved one or seen another survive. No matter your experience, it’s essential that we become aware of it’s signs and symptoms. Let’s explore how you can mark this pink month.

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How to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

Here are 7 ways you can contribute to this pink month of October.

Wear Pink Ribbons

Whether at work or home, you can mark this special month by wearing and giving out pink ribbons to your family, neighborhood, and colleagues. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Buy the materials and make the ribbons at home.

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Join a Community Marathon or Run

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: 7 Inspiring Ways Black Women Can Help People
Breast Cancer survivor in a past run. Image Source: Wikimedia-Licenced Under CC BY 2.0

Well-organized community runs can help raise funds to help sustain the fight against breast cancer. Why not take out your running shoes, mobilize friends and family, and join that run? It may feel as if you’re not doing much, but you’re doing something and having fun while at it.

Combine Breast Cancer Awareness Month With Halloween

Halloween is a popular celebration in the US that emanates from the belief dead people’s souls return home. And because it attracts a lot of people, you can use it as an avenue to create breast cancer awareness among participants. 

Bring those ribbons, or let your costume’s theme be pink. Speak on breast cancer with those you interact with. And this is as you have your Halloween fun.

Lead the Way by Performing a Breast Check

You can lead by attending regular breast checks. Hospitals go further and show you how to examine your breasts. Regular checks may help detect breast cancer early, but they don’t prevent the disease. 

Taking the initiative of going for a mammogram can motivate those women around to do the same.

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Speak to Your Loved Ones

Now that you’re conversant with breast cancer, speak to your fellow black women and men at home, in the neighborhood or in the workplace. Explain why it’s important to be in the know.

Encourage them to book screening sessions. Call or message them if you have to. Sometimes, people can genuinely forget or postpone until they dismiss the screening altogether.

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Have Lunch With a Breast Cancer Survivor

What’s more fulfilling than having lunch with a breast cancer survivor, you know?  Call them up, identify where you’ll be both comfy and meet.

Learn about their experiences, share what you know and just enjoy the lunch. Let them feel that there are people like you out there who care.

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Go Social

Why not use social media platforms to reach more people? We use social networking sites to connect with people and to conduct business. This doesn’t need to stop there. Post about breast cancer in your October posts. Let everyone who’s interested learn a thing or two from you.

Some of your Facebook or Twitter friends may believe information from someone within their networks. Someone who’s a survivor, does regular checks or has lost loved ones to the disease. And what better way for you to get through to them than through social media? 

We get exposure to many materials online, but social media posts can make complex information easier to absorb.

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Take advantage of Breast Cancer Awareness Month by giving back to society. No one chooses to have the disease. Show care by using the tips in this article.

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