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7 Interesting Black Tech Women Inventors


Are you curious about the amazing world of technology and the incredible black inventors who have made it all possible? We’ll go on an exciting journey to learn about some interesting black tech women inventors!

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These talented geniuses have used their brilliant minds and creativity to change the way we live, play, and connect with each other.

1. Dr. Shirley Jackson

Born August 5, 1946, Dr Shirley Jackson is a super smart scientist who loves to learn, discover, and invent new things. One of the amazing things she did was to work on making our phones even better! She helped create touch-tone telephones.

But that’s not all! Dr Shirley also did some fantastic work with “fiber optic cables.” These cables help us use the internet, watch videos, and do so many fun things on our computers and devices. 

She’s also really good at making solar cells. Dr Shirley Jackson is a true hero in the world of science and technology. 

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2. Dr. Marian Croak

Originally from Jamaica, Queens, New York, Dr Marian Croak is a prolific inventor in the voice and data communication fields. She has over 200 patents to her name

One of her most amazing inventions is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Before VoIP, we could only talk to our friends and family on the phone if we were both in the same country. But Dr Marian changed all that! With her brilliant idea, now we can talk to people worldwide using the internet. 

She made it possible for us to have video calls, too! So, when we talk to our friends on the computer, we can see their smiling faces, even if they’re far away! Dr Marian’s inventions have made the world a smaller and happier place.

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3. Kimberly Bryant

Kimberly Bryant is a role model for girls who love to use their brains and creativity to make cool things with technology. She knew that technology was great, but she noticed that many black girls never had the opportunity to play with computers and create great things with them. 

This led Kimberly to create “Black Girls CODE,” a school where girls of color can come together to learn about computers, coding, and technology. They can make video games, build websites, and create fun things!

With Black Girls CODE, Kimberly gives black girls a chance to be tech wizards and show the world just how smart and creative they are. She believes that every black girl should have the opportunity to learn about technology and dream big!

4. Dr. Ayanna Howard

Born January 24, 1972, Dr Ayanna Howard is a black roboticist, entrepreneur and educator. Dr Ayanna worked on robots that can help kids with disabilities. These robots are like friendly helpers that make life easier and more fun!

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But Dr Ayanna is not just a robot maker; she’s also very good with computers and technology. She teaches other scientists and engineers how to make robots and use technology for good things.

5. Mae Jemison

Born on 17 October 1956, Mae Jemison is an African American engineer, physician, and former NASA astronaut. She left a mark in history by becoming the first black woman to travel to space.

Before she became an astronaut, Dr. Mae studied science and engineering. Then, In 1992, Dr Mae blasted off into space on the Space Shuttle Endeavour. But being an astronaut wasn’t the only amazing thing she did. Dr Mae loves to inspire others too! After her space adventure, she traveled worldwide, inspiring people. 

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6. Valerie Thomas

Born February 8, 1943, Valerie Thomas is a black data scientist and inventor. One of her interesting inventions was the illusion transmitter, which she invented in 1980. It’s a device that can reproduce an image at a remote site using parabolic mirrors.

Valerie was inspired by a book she read as a little girl, and she dreamed of creating the kind of magic she saw in its pages. And guess what? She turned her dream into reality.

Her invention not only amazed people but also became super useful for scientists and doctors. They use the illusion transmitter to study things in 3D and understand complex ideas better. It’s like having a special window to see things that are hard to imagine.

7. Ellen F. Eglin

In the 1800s, Ellen noticed that doing laundry was a lot of hard work, especially when it came to scrubbing clothes to get them clean. So, she put on her thinking cap and came up with a brilliant invention!

Ellen created “Wrinkle Remover” or “Clothes Wringing Machine.” It was a special device that made washing clothes faster and easier. With her invention, people didn’t have to spend much time and energy scrubbing and wringing clothes by hand.

And there you have it! We’ve explored the amazing world of black tech women inventors and their incredible inventions. These brilliant scientists and inventors, like Dr Shirley Jackson, Dr Marian Croak, and Kimberly Bryant, have shown us that we can achieve anything with our imaginations and hard work.

From creating touch-tone telephones to black female software developers school, these remarkable women have changed the world with their super brains and creativity!

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