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7 Best Black-Owned Banks in Africa

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Egypt and Kenya have the highest number of commercial banks in Africa at 39 and 37, respectively. On the other hand, Tanzania has 34 commercial banks, followed by Uganda with 24 and Nigeria with 24

But among these numerous banks, which are the best black-owned banks in Africa? Here, we’ll touch on the seven best black-owned banks in Africa.Based on assets. 

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African Bank Investments

Founded on July 31, 1975, in South Africa, African Bank Investments takes the number seventh position as we venture into the realm of best black-owned banks in Africa. As of September 2022, the bank had total assets worth ZAR:28.695 billion, with shareholders’ equity of ZAR:11.080 billion.

African Bank Investments Launched during a time of significant social and economic change in the country. It was originally established as a building society and later transformed into a retail bank in the late 1990s. This helped to broaden its scope to offer a wider range of financial services to the South African public.

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Bank of Botswana

As we dive into the best black-owned banks in Africa, our journey brings us to the nation of Botswana, where the Bank of Botswana is situated. Botswana became a sovereign nation in 1966. 

In the backdrop of this newfound freedom, the need for a financial institution that could safeguard the nation’s economic interests became evident. This need led to the establishment of the Bank of Botswana.

From its inception, the Bank of Botswana was tasked with pivotal responsibilities. It became the custodian of Botswana’s currency, the Pula. As the years progressed, the Bank of Botswana evolved to meet the challenges and opportunities of a changing global landscape. The current Bank of Botswana assets is $865,542,000

United Bank for Africa (UBA)

UBA’s story begins in 1949 in Nigeria, where it was founded with a clear vision: to redefine banking in Africa. The bank’s founders understood the importance of a financial institution that could match the continent’s potential and aspirations.

 With this ethos at heart, UBA set out to offer world-class banking services while building economic growth across Africa. As the bank gained momentum, UBA aspired to catalyze pan-African integration. 

The bank established a presence in multiple African countries through strategic acquisitions and organic growth, creating a network that spanned the continent. Over the years, the bank has continually maintained a strong balance sheet with total assets of USD 23.6 billion as of December 2022.

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First Bank of Nigeria

Established in 1894, the First Bank of Nigeria is distinguished as Nigeria’s premier bank and one of the oldest financial institutions in West Africa. Born during an era of colonial rule, the bank played a crucial role in facilitating trade, investment, and economic growth in Nigeria.

The bank stood alongside the nation through political change and economic challenges. During these times, the bank’s commitment to stability and sound financial management proved essential to the nation’s progress.

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But the bank’s legacy isn’t anchored in the past, it’s still among the most innovative and best banks in Africa today. First Bank of Nigeria is currently ranked among the top 1000 banks in the world. The bank assets have total assets worth over #8 trillion.  

Banque Exterieur d’Algerie (BEA)

BEA was founded in 1966 as part of Algeria’s broader economic development strategy. Its establishment marked a significant step in the nation’s quest for financial self-reliance and economic sovereignty.

BEA’s journey was intertwined with Algeria’s evolution from a nation gaining independence to one actively shaping its economic destiny. The bank played a crucial role in financing key sectors of the economy, including agriculture, industry, and infrastructure development.

As the banking landscape evolved, BEA adapted to the changing times. It modernized its operations. In 2022, BEA assets amounted to 26 billion U.S. dollars.

National Bank of Egypt (NBE)

Established in 1898, NBE is considered Egypt’s oldest and largest commercial bank. Its foundation marked a significant step in Egypt’s modern financial history, providing a platform for economic growth and financial stability.

The bank has over 500 branches within Egypt and accounts for more than 70% of the credit card market and 40% of the debit cards in Egypt. Currently, NBE has a total assets of USD 167.9 bn.  The National Bank of Egypt is among the top 1000 banks in the world. 

Equity Bank

Equity Bank

Founded in 1984 in Kenya, Equity Bank’s roots are embedded in a profound mission: to bridge the gap between financial services and the unbanked. From its inception, the bank sought to provide a lifeline to individuals and communities excluded from traditional banking systems.
Equity Bank pioneered innovative approaches to banking that catered to the unique needs of its diverse customer base. Its introduction of mobile banking services, like Equitel, changed financial inclusion, enabling even remote populations to access banking services. The bank is currently one of the best banks in Africa with a total assets of Kshs.1.54 trillion.

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In Africa’s financial industry, these seven black-owned banks distinguished themselves. With histories marked by resilience, innovation, and a commitment to their communities, these institutions strive to provide the best financial services. To learn more about the African financial landscape, check out these books on Amazon

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