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Why Your Valentine’s Plans Could Fail and Ruin Your Day


Valentine’s plans can be as elaborate as having a private getaway with your significant half or as simple as preparing a candle-lit dinner at home or a romantic movie. Regardless of your choice, you should be careful about how you handle your plans. 

The last thing you want is to have things fall flat after all the effort. The best way to avoid that is to know the pitfalls. Here’s our list.

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Doing Things Last Minute

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We all know that February is the month of love, so if you haven’t started preparing already, you’re running the risk of doing things last minute, which can ruin your Valentine’s plans. Whether you want to have a date night or a getaway experience, you should make your reservations early to avoid getting stressed or having to part with extra money to secure a seat.

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Lack of Thoughtfulness 

You’re more likely to do this if you make last-minute Valentine’s plans. What’s meant to be a romantic day can turn out bland due to a lack of effort. It also implies that you may not want to spend quality time with them.

To avoid this, look for clues about what you can realistically do. You can go for unconventional ideas like having an indoor picnic, turning your living room into a cozy theater for a movie night or something fun.

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Lack of Self-Care

This might not be the first thing you think about, but not taking care of yourself can ruin your Valentine’s plans. A lot of effort goes into this day and that can cause burnout. Take time to rest and enlist the help of other people as you relax in the comfort of your home. Chances are that you’ll be at your best on Valentine’s Day.

Being Cheap

We aren’t saying that you should spend a fortune on your partner, but staying in your comfort zone will result in a bad day. Not spending at all by bringing the date to your living room, without accessorizing it, won’t cut it. Having a walk at sunset because it’s cheap will get you dumped the following day.

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Expecting Too Much  

spotcovery-Why Your Valentine’s Plans Could Fail and Ruin Your Day
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We all want to be pampered on Valentine’s. However, doing too much makes your girlfriend feel pressured and uncomfortable. For example, throwing an extravagant date because you want to have a perfect date might not be the best idea. Proposing to her in public can be intimidating. Such things will make her feel obligated to go along and end up ruining your relationship. Also, this can strain your relationship because you feel that she doesn’t care.

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Lack of Communication

Whether you’re planning a surprise or not, talking to your partner about your V-Day plans is important in ensuring you’re on the same page. To eliminate the chance that she’ll give you an excuse, find out if they are available and lock that time, lest your efforts go to waste.

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Comparing Yourself With Others

There’s a lot of pressure to pull off something impressive on Valentine’s like doing a wedding proposal. Part of that pressure comes from comparing your relationship with others. This leads you to make arrangements that don’t fit with your relationship.

For example, you can end up spending on spas for massages when your partner isn’t into that kind of thing or buying tickets for concerts or theatres, making dinner reservations only to find out you don’t need them. Instead, you should figure out what works for you.

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Unexpected Surprises

Valentine’s isn’t the time to try to throw surprises, especially if you just met. A first date is one of the worst Valentine’s Day ideas you can have on your list. Instead, go for something simple, like buying a bar of chocolate, or doing a movie marathon in the comfort of your home. You can watch rom-coms, take a dance class, cook a favorite dish or do something that will not make things awkward.

Spending Too Much Money

Spending too much money on a Valentine’s Day gift and treat for someone you just met or have known for a few weeks makes you look desperate and can ruin the mood of everyone involved. It also puts the other person under obligation to go along because they might not want to disappoint you. Unless you’re in an exclusive relationship with someone, do something simple. 

If you want your Valentine’s plans to work out, avoid these pitfalls. Don’t complicate things. Go back to basics, think about your partner’s interests and be thoughtful. As long as you put in genuine effort, you’re bound to have a blast and gain some bonus points for your efforts.

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