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Why Kenya Suspended Worldcoin from Continuing Its Operations

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The Kenyan government stopped Worldcoin activities after thousands of residents joined queues to scan their irises in exchange for a $54 token. In this article, we’ll explain Worldcoin Kenya and its suspension.

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What Is Worldcoin?

Worldcoin is a digital platform that wants to give everybody on Earth a convenient way to verify that they’re human beings. The company behind this initiative is called Tools for Humanity

It was co-founded by the man who created ChatGPT, Altman. Worldcoin combines cryptocurrencies with Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and blockchain in an open-source protocol to offer people access to the world economy. 

Like other cryptocurrencies, Worldcoin is decentralized, meaning users make decisions, not government or financial institutions. It took over two years to build the Worldcoin project. Worldcoin wants to fix income inequality using a unique World ID. You can get one or two books on Amazon to learn about income inequality issues. 

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Why Did the Government Stop Worldcoin in Kenya? 

Worldcoin gives free crypto tokens to people who agree to have their eyeballs scanned. Thousands of Kenyan residents have been queuing up at Worldcoin Kenya registration venues to get their eyeballs scanned to receive the free crypto token worth $54. 

However, the Kenyan government released a suspension notice on the 2nd of August 2023, informing the general public about its decision to stop Worldcoin operations in Kenya. The notice is available on Kenya’s Ministry of Interior and National Administration Facebook page. In the statement, the ministry said it had concerns about: 

  • How the biometric data collected from Kenyan citizens is stored
  • Entrusting private companies with many data
  • Giving money in exchange for human data

The Kenyan financial services, relevant security, and data protection agencies started investigations and inquiries to establish the legality of the Worldcoin operations. They want to uncover the safety and protection of the data collected from its citizens and how the company wants to use it. 

The Kenyan government isn’t the only one kicking against the registration process and the collection of biometric data. The process has been criticized in most developing countries. 

Many European regulators have begun investigations into the operation and activities of Worldcoin. But Kenya is the first country to stop Worldcoin operations completely to allow local agencies and investigators to carry out their investigations properly. 

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Kenyan citizens who have had their eyeballs scanned have received Worldcoin tokens. The Worldcoin token is doing pretty well in the market. According to CoinMarketCap data, it has risen 4.8% to $2.41 on cryptocurrency exchanges since its launch. 

The Kenyan government has warned its citizens to be cautious giving out their data because neither the token nor the project is regulated by government authorities. You can get cryptocurrency regulation books on Amazon to learn how they’re regulated. 

Does it mean it’s the end of Worldcoin Kenya? For now, it’s a suspension. The Kenyan government will decide whether to allow the company to operate or not when it has completed its investigation and inquiries into Worldcoin activities. 

If you’re new to the world of cryptocurrency and want to learn, you can get guides on Amazon to educate yourself on how the space works. 

Kenya Republic Worldcoin Suspension Notice: Image Source: Kenya Ministry of Interior and National Administration Facebook page

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