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Wealth Gap: 7 Financial Strategies for African American Individuals


Setting goals for your finances is the first step in building a strong financial plan. Whether you want to invest and save enough to retire early or just need to build up enough emergency funds, the right financial strategies can help you reach those goals and close the wealth gap. Continue reading to discover the best seven money strategies for black people. 

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Define Your Financial Goals

A good financial plan is a vital part of living a fulfilling and secure life. The first step to developing a good financial strategy is to define your money goals. This can include short-term goals, such as saving for cars or vacations. It can also be saving to pay off debts or keeping college funds for your children. 

Developing a realistic goal is essential for building healthy finances. So, African Americans should break their financial goals into smaller pieces and set achievable benchmarks. This way, they’ll not feel overwhelmed by their financial burdens. 

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Create a Realistic Monthly Money Budget 

The next strategy is to use your monthly take-home pay and spending habits to set a financial budget that you know you can stick to. It doesn’t make sense to set a strict budget based on drastic changes. Instead, create a budget for your spending habits and lifestyle. 

Creating an effective budget can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time. The good news is that you can find many budgeting templates on Amazon. With these templates, you create your budget within a few minutes. 

Track Your Expenditures 

If you’re not sure where and what you’re spending monthly, there’s a good chance that your spending habits can be improved. Good financial management begins with spending awareness. 

You can use expense-tracking apps or software to track your spending across all categories. This will help you see for yourself the amount that you’re spending on non-essentials like entertainment and dining. Once you figure out where you’re spending more and less, you can make plans to improve. 

Cut Non-Essential Expenses 

Cutting unnecessary spending is a necessary evil to commit if you want to stay financially healthy. To cut non-essentials means getting rid of the things that aren’t necessities, like clubbing and spending on expensive trending wear.

You have to cut non-essential expenses and save more. Bad things happen, although we don’t pray for them. But they’re unavoidable sometimes. You may lose a job or get hit in the market quickly. 

Saving is an art that needs to be learned and mastered. Many books on Amazon have covered some of the most effective strategies in detail. You can one to learn the best ways to spend less and save more. 

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Automate Financial Goals 

Automation is one of the best tools for managing finances and making good progress in your financial goals. For example, when you set up an automatic transfer from your checking account to a savings account, you’ll watch your funds grow. 

Automating the process helps you overcome the temptation of wanting to spend your savings. It’s also great for debt repayment. Setting up weekly or monthly repayment automation helps avoid late fees and bad remarks on your credit reports. 

Take Advantage of Free Money

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Employer-sponsored retirement plans offer free funds. Leveraging matching contributions of such plans is an easy way to accumulate savings faster and reach your financial goals faster. 

As a black person working in an organization, check to see if your employer offers these plans. If they do, ensure to contribute to HSA and a sponsored retirement account.  

Diversify Your Investments

Risk management is very important when building a stable financial life. One key risk management strategy is diversifying your investments. Diversifying your portfolio allows you to manage risk while keeping your goals insight. 

This strategy stops you from allocating a large portion of your investments to a specific security or asset that may cause a huge loss in the future. 

Overall, African Americans need strong financial strategies that will help them reach their financial goals and close the racial wealth gap. The seven strategies covered can help you improve your finances. 

Besides these seven, there are many others. You can get personal finance books on Amazon to discover other money strategies to help you grow your finances. 

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