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Top 10 Black WWE Wrestlers Of All Time


World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has produced some of the best fighters in combat sports history. Despite there being a countable number of black WWE wrestlers in the game, some of them produced some of the best fights and rose to become the best to have ever stepped inside the ring. 

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Let’s look at the top 10 black WWE wrestlers in the history of the sport.

1. The Rock

Top 10 Black WWE Wrestlers Of All Time
Dwayne Johnson “Rock” in a past WWE. Image source: Flickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

His real name is Dwayne Johnson and although many people might now highly associate him with acting, he is arguably the best black WWE wrestler in the game. He made his debut in 1996 after being released by Calgary Stampeders.

The Rock had a slow start until 1997 when he got his breakthrough. He went on to become the main man of the show, headlining the company’s main event Monday Night Wars, as well as raking in huge television ratings during Smackdown and RAW.

His first championship title came in 1998 and he went on and won eight others. The fighter left WWE in 2004 when Hollywood came calling but returned for brief spells before he finally retired in 2019.

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2. Booker T

Booker T was undoubtedly the master of World Championship Wrestling (WCW) which is why he features in the list of the top ten black WWE wrestlers. He won 11 titles at the WCW and at the time it folded in 2001, he was the reigning champion. 

From there, he joined the WWE and rapidly established himself within the ranks. One of his standout moments was his victory against Rey Mysterio to win the heavyweight Championship in the WWE.

Booker left WWE in 2007. He’s worked in the sport in different capacities – as a colour commentator, a trainer and Smackdown’s General Manager.

3. Mark Henry

Top 10 Black WWE Wrestlers Of All Time
Henry a a past match. Image source:  The Badder in the World is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Henry was not a wrestler fancied by many. It was easy to judge his abilities just by looking at him but when he got fighting, he made you pause and watch. He arrived in the WWE in 1996 from the world of weightlifting standing at 6 ‘4’ and 163 kg. 

He is considered to be the ‘world’s most powerful man but struggled to make an impact in WWE. Despite that, he persevered and had his best run in 2011 when he won his first WWE championship. He left the sport in 2018 and has since ventured into the executive side of things.

4. Kofi Kingston

Top 10 Black WWE Wrestlers Of All Time
Kofi Kingston speaking at the San Diego Convention Center. Image by Gage Skidmore. Licenced by CC BY 2.0

The Ghanaian-American debuted in WWE in 2008 and went on to win the Intercontinental Championship against Chris Jericho. He seemed destined to be the next big thing until Randy Orton happened in 2009. Until 2019, it appeared as though Kingston wouldn’t be able to make a comeback but he overcame the odds to reclaim the championship again.

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5. Ron Simmons – Faarooq

Ron Simmons started his career as a football player before he made the switch to professional wrestling in 1986 and competed in the WCW. He won the title in 1992 and became the first African American man to do so. In 1996, Simon joined the WWE where he got his name Faarooq. He never won any titles but his presence in the game makes him memorable which is why we’ve included him in the list of the top ten black WWE wrestlers.

6. The Junkyard Dog

At a time when the representation of black WWE wrestlers was at its lowest, the Junkyard Dog stood out. He transitioned from Mid-South Wrestling to the WWE in 1984 and although he never rose to the highest level of this category, he produced some incredible moments. He won The Wrestling Classic Tournament finals against Randy Savage. 

7. Bobby Lashley

Top 10 Black WWE Wrestlers Of All Time
Bobby Lashely. Image Source: MikeKalasnik licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Lashely’s obvious talent and subsequent rise to the WWE earns him a place in the list of the top ten black WWE wrestlers. His athleticism is noticeable and it is something that puts him a cut above the rest.

He cut his teeth at ECW and won the championship in 2006. Two years later, he left WWE for TNA and made a comeback in 2018.

8. Sasha Banks

Top 10 Black WWE Wrestlers Of All Time
Sasha Banks in a game> Image Source: sabrebiade is marked with CC BY-SA 2.0

In recent years, WWE has invested in women’s wrestling and fans are more than excited to watch the show. Sasha Banks, fondly known as The Boss has risen to become one of the best female wrestlers in the game and top ten black WWE wrestlers

She’s won multiple titles and has competed in some of the highly-rated competitions like Royal Rumble, Elimination Chambers and Hell In A Cell. 

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9. Tony Atlas

You can tell that he was a bodybuilder. After his successes in that discipline, he crossed over to the WWE in 1980 and left as one of the best black WWE wrestlers

Three years after he joined, he made history alongside Rocky Johnson by becoming the first African-American duo to lift the tag-team championship, his most notable achievement in the game.   

10. Bobo Brazil

Bobo Brazil caps our top ten black WWE wrestlers. Sometimes, we don’t often honour greats just because of the titles won but because of their significance in the sport. Bobo certainly falls into this category. 

He wrestled during the height of racial segregation but he was so good that people stood up and applauded him. He won multiple championships but his contributions in creating a place for black athletes to compete earned him a place in the Hall Of Fame. 

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