Top 10 2023 Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 List: What You Should Know


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The class of 2023’s Forbes Africa 30 Under 30—dubbed “Tomorrow’s Titans”—was recently revealed by Forbes. It highlighted 30 of the more than 1000 nominees who are young African innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders reshaping the commercial landscape of the continent. We’ve chosen the top ten among them who have significantly impacted their respective fields and will likely influence the game in the future.

Before getting into the list, let’s quickly review the premise of Forbes Africa, which is based in Johannesburg – South Africa, South Africa.

What is Forbes Africa 30 under 30?

The Forbes Africa 30 under 30 list is an annual compilation of 30 young African innovators, disruptors, and entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their respective industries and are under the age of 30. Young talent from all around the African continent is highlighted on the list, spanning various fields, including technology, business, sports, entertainment, and the arts. 

The highly coveted list serves as a venue for honoring and celebrating the accomplishments of young African leaders.

What Are the Requirements for Forbes Africa 30 Under 30?

Each category has its own requirements. But there are general requirements to participate in the program. To be successful, the participant: 

  • must be a creative aged 29 or younger on March 31
  • must be from or based in Africa
  • should have a proven track record in the field of health and/or science for no less than two years
  • must have social influence and impact

The importance of Forbes Africa 30 under 30

Increased Visibility

The Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 list gives young business owners and their companies exposure and recognition. This may result in new chances and collaborations with clients, investors, and other stakeholders.


Young business people have a forum to interact and work together thanks to the Forbes Africa 30 under 30 group. Exchanging ideas and best practices usually results in beneficial networking opportunities.


The Forbes Africa 30 under 30 list celebrates the successes of young business people and motivates those who want to make a difference in their industries.

Let’s now look at the top ten Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 rankings.

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1. Dr. Wedu Tose Somolekae – Nigeria – 29 – Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Wedu Somolekae - Founder - Medi Glow Aesthetics
Dr. Wedu Somolekae – Founder – Medi Glow Aesthetics BW | LinkedIn

The CEO of Medi-Glow Aesthetics in Botswana is Dr. Wedu Tose Somolekae. She’s an expert in non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures, offers patient-centered care, and promotes women’s empowerment and wellness.

2. Dr. Olivier Uwishema – Rwanda – 29 – Medicine/Research

Olivier UWISHEMA (@Uwolivier14) / Twitter

Dr. Olivier Uwishema established the Oli Health Magazine Organization (OHMO) to advance health and provide trustworthy medical knowledge throughout Africa. He creates print and digital content on a variety of health-related topics as a trained doctor, enabling people to make informed decisions about their health.

3. Mhlengi Ngcobo – South Africa – 28 – Agriculture

Mhlengi Ngcobo
Mhlengi Ngcobo on LinkedIn

The founder of the South African coffee company CoffeeMM, which promotes ethical and sustainable business methods, is Mhlengi Ngcobo. He is renowned for supporting small-scale farmers and promoting premium coffee beans purchased from regional farmers. In the South African business world, Ngcobo holds significant sway.

4. Hansel Ndu Okeke – Nigeria – 28 – Technology

Hansel Ndu Okeke - Chief Executive Officer - Weevil Company
Hansel Ndu Okeke – Chief Executive Officer – Weevil Company | LinkedIn

Hansel Ndu Okeke is the co-founder and CEO of Weevil Company, a Nigerian agricultural technology startup. He uses technology to improve the efficiency and productivity of smallholder farmers in Nigeria. Okeke is committed to creating positive social and economic impact in Nigeria through his work in the agricultural sector.

5. Yvette Ishimwe – Rwanda – 25 – Water Solutions

Yvette Ishimwe - Chief Executive Officer - IRIBA Water Group Ltd
Yvette Ishimwe – Chief Executive Officer – IRIBA Water Group Ltd | Linkedin

Iriba Water Group, a Rwandan social organization that offers clean water solutions to underprivileged communities, was founded by and is led by Yvette Ishimwe. She has received recognition for her efforts in sustainable development and is dedicated to tackling issues with sanitation and water scarcity.

6. Cheslin Denman – South Africa – 29 – Fintech

Cheslin Denman - Managing Director - TrustLink.Africa
Cheslin Denman – Managing Director – TrustLink.Africa | LinkedIn

Cheslin Denman is the co-founder and Managing Director of Trustlink Africa Hub, a South African fintech company that develops innovative technology products for financial institutions. He is dedicated to promoting financial inclusion and has been recognized for his work in the industry.

7. Alessandrio Bergman – South Africa – 29 – Fashion and Marketing

Alessandrio Bergman is the founder of SYNC Model Management, a modeling agency promoting diversity and body positivity. He’s a young entrepreneur recognized for his work in the fashion industry.

8. Mutethia Mbaabu – Kenya – 29 – E-Commerce

Meet COVER STAR Mutethia Mbaabu“…build a company that operates several African companies.” – Forbes Africa

Mutethia Mbaabu is the co-founder and CEO of MarketForce, a Kenyan company that provides a digital platform for businesses to manage their sales and distribution channels. He is a young leader and entrepreneur passionate about promoting digital innovation to drive economic growth and empower small businesses in Africa.

9. Cody Gordon – South Africa – 26 – Mental Health Technology

Cody Gordon - Co-Founder & CEO - be frank
Cody Gordon – Co-Founder & CEO – be frank | LinkedIn

Cody Gordon is the CEO of CG Technology Group, a South African software development company. He emphasizes “constructive candor” in problem-solving and is recognized for his innovative approach to digital transformation.

10. Sharva Hassamal – Mauritius – 29 – Information Technology

Sharva Hassamal - Founder - Portage Labs
Sharva Hassamal – Founder – Portage Labs | LinkedIn

The Forbes Africa 30 under 30 list highlights the exceptional work and contributions of young entrepreneurs and professionals across various industries. It provides a platform for recognition, networking, and inspiration for the next generation of leaders in Africa. By showcasing the diverse talents and innovative ideas of these young individuals, the list helps challenge stereotypes and promote positive narratives about the continent. The 2023 Forbes Africa 30 under 30 list promises to continue to celebrate and empower the brightest and most promising young minds in Africa.

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