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Rising Stars from Botswana: Forbes 30 Under 30 Africa Delegates Making Waves

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Representing Botswana on the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 Africa list, they have proven themselves as talented and innovative leaders, making a significant impact at a young age.

1. Dennis Karabo Otukile (Eagle One Air Cargo PTY)

Image credit: Denis Karabo

Fish Eagle Air Cargo is an air cargo solutions company specializing in the efficient transportation of goods over short to medium distances. Their mission is to provide customers with a customized door-to-door cargo express service, ensuring fast processing, enhanced efficiency, and timely delivery. They strive to create a positive customer experience by prioritizing convenience.

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The company envisions being highly regarded by customers and fostering long-term loyalty and satisfaction. They value their employees, valuing their dedication and creating a caring work environment. Fish Eagle Air Cargo aims to expand into the Pan-African market through profitable growth, competitiveness, and innovative product re-engineering.

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2. James Mabote (Craftsman Brand Communications)

Image credit: James Mabote

Craftsman Brand Communications is a brand strategy design consultancy firm that excels in crafting effective strategies, powerful identities, seamless interactions, and memorable experiences to establish strong connections between people and brands or organizations.

Driven by a profound passion, they go beyond typical agency work, integrating human-centered design solutions infused with technology, as well as business innovation and strategy.

The firm specializes in simplifying complex problems to create brand identities that deliver value to both the brands and their end users. With a collaborative approach, they partner with clients throughout the entire process, providing tailored methods and solutions to meet the unique needs of each project.

3. Mr. Botsile Tshepo Moreba (Sanctified Delights Bakery & Cafe)

Image credit: Mr Botsile

Sanctified Delights Bakery specializes in the production and sale of a wide range of baked goods, including brown and white loaves, sugar buns, scones, rock buns, yellow buns, cakes, and cupcakes. With a team of 10 dedicated employees, the bakery caters to various target markets, including individual customers, local shops, tuck shops, schools, military camps, and government offices.

Recently acquiring land for their bakery warehouse, Sanctified Delights Bakery is set to embark on the construction phase in the upcoming year, with aspirations of growing into a bakery plant.

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4. Nature L. Mogotsi

Image credit: Facebook

Nature is a renowned independent Risk Management Expert, Pan African Conference Speaker and Author of the book Too Young To Hide, which is a tool for supporting personal mastery.

Nature is also the founder and Chief Risk Advisor of @Risk Global, which is an Independent Risk Management Consultancy, providing risk management solutions, training and advisory. @Risk Global has a footprint covering radio, newspapers, thought leadership and speaker engagements across southern Africa in addition to international collaborations. 

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5. Chantel Tisha Ben (FiDance Academy)

Image credit: Chantel

The FiDance dance academy is a comprehensive institution offering a wide range of dance classes catering to children and adults. Their classes are designed to teach dance for leisure and provide an opportunity for families to bond and have fun together.

In addition to dance instruction, FiDance Academy also offers fitness classes to promote overall health and well-being.

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The academy provides talented dancers for various entertainment purposes, including corporate events, music videos, and any other productions requiring the expertise of skilled dancers. They also specialize in brand advertising, using dance as a powerful medium to create captivating and memorable promotional campaigns.

Furthermore, FiDance Academy excels in wedding choreography, ensuring couples have beautifully choreographed routines to enhance their special day. With a diverse range of services, the academy is dedicated to promoting the joy of dance, fostering fitness, and delivering artistic excellence to various clients and events.

6. Kearoma Rantao (Cheri & Auti Fashions)

Kearoma is an award-winning recording artist, singer, and performer known for their Afro Jazz music in Botswana. Additionally, they are the Founder of Cheri & Auti Fashions, a clothing brand that primarily focuses on creating garments for women and girls.

They have plans to expand their brand to include toiletries such as sanitary pads, toilet paper, beauty accessories, and products, as well as men’s clothing under the brand Auti. Furthermore, Kearoma holds a directorship role in the Women of Jazz Botswana Ensemble and Queens Capital Pty and believes in the power of having a dream and diligently working towards it every day.

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