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Online Platforms for Black Writers to Earn Money from Their Content


Now, let me introduce you to ten online platforms where black writers can share their thoughts and make some money.

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1. Black Nerd Problems

Picture a platform that’s been celebrating the awesome fusion of black culture with all things nerdy and geeky since 2013. That’s Black Nerd Problems for you.

Black nerds and pop culture enthusiasts can freely express their perspectives and swap stories.

They accept written contributions to gaming, comic books, movies, and TV shows. Black Nerd also offers occasional paid writing opportunities. This allows black writers to earn from their content. 

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2. The Root

Founded back in 2008 by Henry Louis Gates Jr, The Root is your go-to place for news and opinions, all from an African-American perspective.

Politics, culture, entertainment – they’ve got it all covered. All you have to do is to send a killer pitch to the online magazine’s editor. 

3. Essence

Online Platforms for Black Writers to Earn Money from Their Content
Essence ScreenShot. Image Source: Essence Homepage

Founded in 1970, Essence is a highly reputable media brand at the forefront of empowering black women for over four decades. Essence is among the leading online platforms for black women’s lifestyle, culture, and beauty.

It accepts article submissions and offers opportunities for writers to contribute to various sections, including fashion, beauty, wellness, and relationships. All that’s required is to send a compelling pitch. 

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4. Afropunk

Afropunk isn’t just a music festival; it’s a vibrant community celebrating black culture, music, and art since 2005. They’re all ears for your written contributions on music, fashion, art, and social issues.

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While they have a music and culture focus, they’re also down for some thought-provoking articles and essays.

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5. Black Freelancer

Online Platforms for Black Writers to Earn Money from Their Content
Black Freelancer Screenshot. Image Source: Black Freencer Homepage

Like Upwork and Fiverr, Black Freelancer is a platform designed to connect freelancers with clients seeking their services. The only difference is that Black Freelance is designed especially for the blacks.  Black Freelancer has a job board, educational resources and articles on pricing, marketing, and client management.

Additionally, Black Freelancer encourages freelancers to charge fair rates for their services. By creating an account with Black Freelancer, African-American writers can sell their writing services and make money. 

African Voices

Online Platforms for Black Writers to Earn Money from Their Content
African Voices Screenshot. Image Source: African Voices Homepage

Alright, let’s dive into the world of African Voices! This fantastic platform, brought to life by Carolyn A. Butts, promotes the rich voices and stories of writers and artists from the African diaspora. It’s like a treasure trove of creativity!

Picture this: poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, and visual art—all shining brightly within the pages of African Voices.  And they don’t shy away from tackling the big stuff either—social, political, and cultural issues are fair game here.

Now, if you’ve got a way with words or you’re a visual artist extraordinaire, they’re open to your contributions.

You can send in your poetry, fiction, non-fiction, or visual art pieces. Just a heads-up, not everything comes with a paycheck, but hey, they do have some paid opportunities from time to time.

Now, with the rise of online platforms like African Voices, the world is your oyster as a black writer. Just remember, to make the most of these opportunities, all you’ve to do is polish up your writing skills and shoot over some top-notch pitches that show off your expertise. 

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