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Meet Isaac Monky: ‘Mother Hen’ Writer and Director


‘MOTHER HEN’ Writer and Director Isaac Monky opens up on SpotcoveryLens on the challenges and successes during the making of his first movie in 10 years!

The conversation dwells on the space of the black community in the film industry, highlighting the evolution of the film, particularly in relation to black filmmakers and reception. 

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Enjoy the full conversation by watching the full exclusive video below.

Mr. Isaac Monky, a film director, reflects on the landscape of film, citing examples of successful black filmmakers like Tyler Perry and Spike Lee. He emphasizes the shift towards a more inclusive audience and expresses optimism about the black filmmakers’s potential to create universally appealing movies.  

Why Mother Hen, Why Now

The conversation delves into Isaac’s film production journey, highlighting the challenges and the lifelong dedication it required. He describes his early passion for storytelling, which evolved into a pursuit of filmmaking, and acknowledges the crucial support he received from his parents, particularly his father, who didn’t hinder his creative aspirations. 

He also shares details about their recent movie ‘Mother Hen.’ 

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“If you look at ‘Mother Hen,’ it was written by myself, my elder brother, and one of my partners Idiwaka Studios…When we locked the script and said production would start in 2 weeks’ time or a month’s time, my brother passed away!” 

-Isaac Monky-

Isaac appreciates individuals like Tyler Perry and his own late brother, who bring creative projects to fruition. He shares the inspiration behind ‘Mother Hen,’ recounting a moment on a bus in Cameroon where he overheard a conversation between two women discussing a friend’s marital issues.  This real-life encounter served as the catalyst for the film’s narrative and the choice of its title, ‘Mother Hen.’

‘Mother Hen’ premieres in Douala, Cameroon, on 14th December 2023 at 5 PM WAT at Canal Olympia and in Yaounde, Cameroon on 23rd December, 2023 at 5 PM WAT at National Museum.

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