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10 Interesting Activities To Mark Memorial Day


It is a time to reflect on their selfless acts of courage and express gratitude for the freedoms we enjoy today. While the essence of Memorial Day is rooted in remembrance, there are also meaningful and interesting activities that can be undertaken to pay tribute to our fallen heroes. 

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1. Attend the Parade

Memorial Day parades often showcase a vibrant display of patriotism and honour for the military. Attending a parade can be a visually captivating and emotionally uplifting experience. Witnessing the community come together to pay tribute to fallen soldiers creates a sense of unity and appreciation.

2. Visit a Veterans Cemetery or Memorial

Visiting a veterans cemetery or memorial provides a serene and reflective environment to pay respects to the fallen, allowing you to acknowledge their sacrifices and honour their memory. 

You can bring flowers or flags to place at gravesites, participate in moments of silence, or join organized ceremonies held at these locations.

3. Organize a Memorial Day Picnic

Organizing a Memorial Day picnic brings people together in a relaxed and celebratory atmosphere. It provides an opportunity to gather with family and friends, share stories and memories of loved ones who have served, and express gratitude for their sacrifices. 

Incorporating patriotic decorations and activities can further enhance the significance of the day.

4. Volunteer for a Veterans’ Organization

Volunteering for a veterans’ organisation allows you to actively contribute to the well-being of those who have served. 

You can assist with organizing events, supporting veterans in need, or engaging in community service projects. It provides an opportunity to connect with veterans, hear their stories, and express gratitude for their service.

5. Honor the True Meaning of the Day

Take time to reflect on the true meaning of Memorial Day by researching and learning about its history. 

You can explore stories of fallen soldiers and their sacrifices and engage in discussions with family and friends to deepen your understanding of the day’s significance.

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6. Writing Letters to Active Duty Service Members

Taking the time to write letters to active duty service members is a thoughtful and impactful activity. It allows you to express gratitude and support for those currently serving in the military. 

Consider reaching out to organizations that facilitate letter-writing campaigns to ensure your letters reach the intended recipients. Your words of encouragement can make a difference and provide a sense of connection for those far from home.

7. Watch a Patriotic Movie or Documentary

Watching a patriotic movie or documentary can be an entertaining and educational way to honour Memorial Day. Choose films that highlight the courage and sacrifices of military personnel or delve into significant historical events. 

It can deepen your understanding of the holiday’s significance and spark meaningful discussions.

8. Tour the National Park

Visiting a national park on Memorial Day can provide an opportunity to connect with nature while also commemorating the holiday. Many national parks have historical significance, such as battlefields or memorials dedicated to veterans. 

Exploring the park, learning about its history, and reflecting on the sacrifices of those who served can be a poignant experience.

9. Make Your Own Memorial Day Poppies

Crafting Memorial Day poppies can be a meaningful and symbolic activity. Poppies are traditionally associated with remembrance and honouring fallen soldiers. 

You can find tutorials online to create your own poppies using materials like paper, fabric, or felt. It can serve as a reflective activity and a tangible way to pay tribute.

10. DIY Red, White, and Blue Decor

Engaging in do-it-yourself (DIY) projects to create red, white, and blue decor can be a fun and creative way to celebrate Memorial Day. It allows you to personalise your space and add a festive touch. 

You can involve friends or family members, making it a collaborative activity that brings everyone together.

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