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Exploring Africa’s Longest Bridges


These bridges, with their impressive spans and intricate designs, stand as testaments to human ingenuity and determination.

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1. 6th October Bridge, Egypt

20.5 Kilometers

The 6th October Bridge is a significant bridge in Cairo, Egypt. It spans the Nile River, connecting the districts of Giza and Zamalek. The bridge plays a crucial role in Cairo’s transportation system, providing a vital link between the two banks of the Nile. 

It is named in commemoration of the military victory of the Egyptian Armed Forces on October 6, 1973, during the Yom Kippur War.

2. Third Mainland Bridge, Nigeria

10.5 kilometers 

The Third Mainland Bridge is a major bridge in Lagos, Nigeria. It spans the Lagos Lagoon, connecting the Lagos Mainland to Victoria Island. 

With a length of approximately 11.8 kilometers (7.3 miles), it is one of the longest bridges in Africa. The Third Mainland Bridge is a significant transportation route in Lagos, facilitating the movement of vehicles and easing traffic congestion in the metropolitan area.

3. Suez Canal Bridge, Egypt

3.9 kilometers

The Suez Canal Bridge, officially known as the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel, is an essential infrastructure project in Egypt that connects mainland Egypt to the Sinai Peninsula, providing a direct transportation link across the Suez Canal. 

The bridge consists of two parallel tunnels, each approximately 1.63 kilometers (1.01 miles) long. It plays a vital role in facilitating trade and transportation between Africa and Asia.

4. Island Bridge, Mozambique

3.8 kilometers

The Island Bridge is located in Mozambique. It connects the capital city of Maputo to the town of Catembe, spanning approximately 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) across Maputo Bay. The bridge has significantly improved transportation between the two areas, enhancing connectivity and fostering economic development.

5. Dona Ana Bridge, Mozambique

3.67 kilometers

The Dona Ana Bridge is an iconic landmark in Mozambique. It is situated near the city of Tete, spanning the Zambezi River. 

The bridge, named after a historical Portuguese fort, has played a crucial role in connecting northern and southern Mozambique. It provides a vital transportation link for both vehicles and pedestrians, facilitating commerce and trade in the region.

6. Armando Emilio Guebuza Bridge, Mozambique

2.37 kilometers

The Armando Emilio Guebuza Bridge, formerly known as the Maputo-Catembe Suspension Bridge, is another remarkable bridge in Mozambique. 

It stretches approximately 680 meters (2,231 feet) across the Maputo Bay, connecting the capital city of Maputo to the town of Catembe. The bridge has become an important landmark in the region, improving transportation access and stimulating economic growth.

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7. Mukuku Bridge, Zambia

2.5 kilometers

The Mukuku Bridge in Zambia is an impressive engineering marvel that spans the Luapula River. Notably, the bridge extends for about 2.5 kilometers and is accompanied by a remarkable elevated causeway. 

This causeway stretches over 20 kilometers, traversing wetlands and continuing for an additional 40 kilometers across a flood plain. It serves as a vital connection, overcoming challenging terrains and uniting communities.

8. Qasr Al-Nil Bridge, Egypt

1.9 kilometers

The Qasr Al-Nil Bridge is a historic bridge in Cairo, Egypt. It spans the Nile River, linking the districts of Downtown Cairo and Zamalek. 

The bridge has significant cultural and historical value and is a popular gathering place for locals and tourists alike. It offers stunning views of the Nile and connects key areas of the city.

9. Wouri Rivers, Cameroon

1.8 kilometers

The Wouri Rivers Bridge, also known as the First Bridge, is a notable bridge in Cameroon that spans the Wouri River, connecting the cities of Douala and Bonabéri. The bridge is a crucial transportation link in the country, facilitating trade and easing congestion.

10. Mkapa Bridge, Tanzania

970 meters

The Mkapa Bridge, also known as the Kilombero Bridge, is essential in Tanzania. It spans the Kilombero River and connects the regions of Morogoro and Iringa. 

The bridge has improved transportation connectivity in the area, facilitating the movement of people and goods and opening up new economic opportunities.

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