Effective Advertising in a World Without Third-Party Cookies


The growing demand for user privacy is influencing a significant industry shift, forcing stakeholders to reinvent their data collection practices. According to one study, more than 90% of customers worldwide are concerned about the number of information brands can obtain about them and how this information is used. Because of these concerns, users and policymakers have begun to advocate for a cookie-free world.

What Exactly Are Cookies, and What Is the Relationship Between Cookies and Privacy Concerns?

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Cookies are small snippets of code that are added to your device when you visit a website, and they remember various interactions such as browsing history and login details. They are used for advertising processes such as behavioral profiling and ad retargeting.

We’ll focus on third-party cookies that identify users across multiple websites and are frequently used in programmatic advertising. This information creates user profiles based on interests and purchase behavior. 

New privacy laws, such as the GDPR (2018), have provided legal guidelines for collecting and processing personal data. This shift is now being driven by platforms, with internet browsers and mobile operating systems making significant changes to managing and processing third-party cookies. Web browsers, for example, already block these cookies by default (Firefox in 2019, Safari in 2020, and Google Chrome plans to do this in 2022).

Furthermore, the release of iOS 14.5 prohibited cross-app tracking, meaning that all apps must follow a new tracking framework and obtain a user’s permission to track them and access their device’s advertising identifier. 

What Exactly Is Cookieless Tracking?

Ad tracking and targeting solutions that do not rely on third-party cookies are required. 

So, how does cookieless tracking function? 

Third-party cookies are being discarded, but this does not mean that data collection is becoming meaningless. Forward-thinking advertisers and ad tech firms are already implementing cookieless tracking solutions. Switching to a cookie-free strategy will necessitate more than a few minor changes.

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How Can You Effectively Advertise in a World Without Third-Party Cookies?

Adopt consensual information gathering

Marketers must devise ethical methods to obtain consenting consumer data. To get consensual data, you may politely ask users to share their information in exchange for a reward. This allows you to obtain data ethically and with consent, ensuring you do not violate any privacy laws.

Contextual targeting is making a comeback.

It was never truly gone! 

Advertisers can programmatically serve ads to publishers with relevant content to their ad. This method will be a significant ad trend following the cookie era. Users will be targeted based on the content they view rather than personal metrics such as search terms.

Collaborating with Adtech companies

Gathering first-party data and tracking consent data can be difficult and costly for small marketers; this is where ad tech companies with relevant resources can assist. Advertisers can use ad tech companies and programmatic advertising to reach a large audience while not violating privacy laws or regulations.

Some of the cookieless solutions some tech companies will use include:

In today’s world, technology is constantly evolving and changing, and it is becoming a field in which Black women and men are making their mark.

Are you curious about what else is going on in the world of advertising today?

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