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Black-Owned Tech Ventures In Nigeria


Buckle up as we dive into the dynamic world of black-owned tech ventures in Africa, exploring their innovative solutions, impactful initiatives, and the inspiring stories of the visionaries behind them.

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1. Flutterwave

Flutterwave is a financial technology company based in Nigeria. It provides a payment infrastructure that enables businesses to accept and process payments seamlessly across Africa. 

Flutterwave’s platform allows for secure online and offline transactions, supports multiple currencies, and offers various payment methods.

2. Helium Health

Helium Health is a Nigerian health tech company that provides electronic medical records (EMR) and hospital management solutions. 

Their technology helps healthcare providers streamline their operations, improve patient care, and digitize medical records for more efficient healthcare delivery.

3. Field Intelligence

Field Intelligence is a Nigerian healthtech company that specializes in improving access to quality pharmaceuticals in emerging markets. Their digital platform, Shelf Life, utilizes real-time data, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence to optimize inventory management for pharmacies and pharmaceutical suppliers. 

By enabling efficient stock management and reducing waste, Field Intelligence aims to enhance the availability, affordability, and quality of medications in Africa. 

4. OPay

This Nigerian-based mobile payment and ride-hailing platform offers a range of services, including mobile money transfers, bill payments, food delivery, and transportation services. 

OPay aims to simplify financial transactions and enhance access to essential services for individuals and businesses.


Interswitch is a leading African digital payment and e-commerce company that was founded in Nigeria in 2002. It offers a range of secure and reliable payment solutions, including online payments, card-based transactions, and mobile payments. 

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Interswitch has expanded its operations to multiple African countries, promoting financial inclusion and facilitating cross-border transactions. It has also developed innovative products in healthcare, transportation, education, and government services. 

In 2019, Interswitch achieved unicorn status after receiving a significant investment from Visa. As a key player in Africa’s fintech industry, Interswitch continues to drive digital transformation and economic growth in the region.

6. Aella Credit

Aella Credit is a Nigerian fintech company that provides access to credit and other financial services to individuals and small businesses. 

Through their mobile app, Aella Credit offers microloans, savings, and insurance products, leveraging data analytics and innovative technology to make financial services more accessible.

7. Paystack 

This is a Nigerian fintech startup that provides online payment solutions for businesses. It offers a secure and easy-to-integrate payment gateway that allows businesses to accept payments online via cards, bank transfers, and mobile money. 

Paystack’s platform helps businesses streamline their payment processes and enhance the customer experience.

8. Releaf

Releaf is a Nigerian agritech company that focuses on improving efficiency and transparency in the agricultural supply chain. 

Their platform connects farmers to buyers, aggregators, and processors, facilitating the trade of agricultural commodities. Releaf aims to empower smallholder farmers and drive sustainable agricultural practices.

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9. Andela

Andela is a software engineering company that originated in Nigeria and has expanded across Africa. It specializes in training and connecting African software developers with global companies. 

Andela’s mission is to bridge the technology skills gap and provide opportunities for talented African developers to work on global projects.

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