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5 Best African Stores in Chicago IL


Are you curious about African Stores in Chicago IL? Do you wish there were places where you could buy quality stuff that reflects the continent’s cultures and traditions? If so, this article is for you. Here, we’ll review the best stores where you can walk in and buy African products. 

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Mama Africa’s Marketplace

Located in the heart of the South Shore neighborhood at 2100 E 71st St, Chicago, Illinois, Mama Africa’s Marketplace has incredible products involving African culture and Yoruba spirituality.

You’ll be able to find good self-care products and learn about how to use them properly. Some self-care products that you’ll find in Mama Africa’s Marketplace are African Shea Butter and Black Soap.

They also have herbal teas, healing candles, handmade African sculptures, burning oils and incense. Plus, they also offer meditation classes. Their customer service is friendly and professional. Catch them on Instagram and Facebook to learn about their products and services. 

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Designs By Anna J

Designs By Anna J is an African fashion store at 5309 S Hyde Park Blvd, Hyde Park, Chicago, Illinois  60615, United States. The brand’s clothing is originally made and tailored in Ghana, West Africa. 

As an African, when you buy from Designs By Anna J, you’re not only supporting a black-owned business, but you’re encouraging entrepreneurs from your homeland. Designs By Anna J sells unisex clothing, shea butter, bags, earrings, waist beads, and headwraps. They offer curbside pickup, in-store pickup, curbside pickup, and Same-day delivery. 

If you don’t find the item or product you want on Designs By Anna J, you should also check Amazon. Many black-owned businesses are available on the marketplace. 

Kaneshie Supermarket

Located at 4552 N Broadway, Uptown, Chicago, Illinois  60640, United States, Kaneshie Supermarket is a store where you can find all African food items, spices, and household items. A Ghanaian-American software engineer founded the store.

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Kaneshie Supermarket was created to ensure that Africans in the diaspora can easily reconnect to their roots. They operate online and physically and guarantee the freshness of their products when delivered to you. The brand also offers catering services for your preferred everyday food. 

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Makola African Supermarket

You don’t need to look too far when in need of African foods, and basic items for your personal needs if you’re in Uptown, Chicago, Illinois. All you have to do is walk into the Makola African Supermarket to buy them. 

Makola African Supermarket started with the goal of building a store that makes it for homes to enjoy flavors and culinary traditions of Africa. At Makola African Supermarket, you can buy baby foods, beverages, vegetables & dried fruits, and pantry staples. 

For inquiries and orders, call Makola African Supermarket on the phone at +1 773-654-1971. You can also check other African brands on Amazon if they don’t have the item that you need. 

All United Imports

All United Imports is an Agricultural product wholesale store located at 2525 S Blue Island Ave, Heart of Chicago. Their available products include: 

  • Rice and grains
  • Meats
  • Seafoods
  • Yam
  • White garri
  • Egusi
  • Fish and Crayfish
  • Cosmetics 

The store ensures that you constantly have access to rich African food ingredients. You can visit their physical location or place an order online and have your items delivered to you. 

African stores in Chicago, IL, help make it easy for black families and others to buy African products and enjoy the continent’s rich foods. The five reviewed here are the ones we found appealing, and they also have great user reviews. Besides these stores, you can also order from other black-owned businesses on Amazon

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